The Raspberry Pi

About a week ago, I ordered a small computer that I can learn to program on. It’s called the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi is a small computer that costs 35$. This is what it looks like.
100_4911 (960x1280)

Next to it is my dad’s watch, for proportional uses. Basically, the computer could fit in your hand. However, due to its’ small size and overall cheapness, it is limited. You cannot run big programs or do anything too complicated. Also, upon turning it on, you get a command-line window that pops up. There isn’t any home screen or graphic display that you’re used to. This is what the command line looks like:
100_4909 (1280x960)
On the screen is a lot of confusing text that says a lot of things really fast. Once I log in, I type in the command “startx” which brings me to a normal computer display, like the one you’re using now. I’ll keep you updated on the projects I’m working on with the Raspberry Pi.

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