Gnome 3

Since stripping out all of the Gnome desktop environment last October (see Upgrades and Downgrades), the Gnome project released Gnome 3. Reports on the FreeBSD website said Gnome 2 had too many problems, which were scheduled to be corrected in Gnome 3.  So I finally took a deep breath, and installed Gnome 3 and the Xwindows support environment. So far, most of the Gnome 3 desktop environment is working fairly well.

Gnome-3 1

The desktop looks like a typical desktop environment, with movable, resizable windows for individual tasks, looking like what Georgie calls ‘…a real computer, instead of the text only black screen.’ Applications are started through one of several interfaces, I’ve configured this installation with the equivalent of the ‘start’ button at the upper left.

Gnome-3 2

Alternately, the ‘desktop’ can be partially collapsed, showing the equivalent of the ‘favorite’ applications on the left bar, and a column showing the multiple desktops available on the right. One extra desktop gets added every time an application is started on a previously blank desktop.

Gnome3 3

So far, Gnome 3 is working relatively well, although running the GUI does drag down the system overall. Still, giving that we’re running a web server, a mail server, a Minecraft server, and the Gnome 3 environment on a 15 year old computer, I’m relatively happy with the performance.

Welcome to my corner!

Hello, and welcome to my corner of our website. I’ll be posting various things at times, and hope to keep you up to date on goings on around here.

We’re now running our own webserver, based on the kids’ old PC I’ve reconfigured to run FreeBSD unix operating system with an Apache web server and various other options. I hope to get the rest of the functions turned on, yet still secure, so we all can upload the pictures and videos we want to share with you.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Yet More Snow…

We’re certainly making up for last year’s relatively light snowfall. We were expecting no more than 4-6” yesterday, and ended up getting nearly 10”. As I took the day off, I was able to get out early and get the driveway cleaned off. However, I wasn’t able to clear the walk to the formal front door, which no one uses anyway.

  100_3983 100_3985 100_3986 100_3987 100_3989 

We likewise haven’t been keeping the paths dug out in the back yard. Hope spring comes soon.

100_3978100_3980 100_3993 100_3991100_3994

And as of 3:00, it’s snowing again, and expected to snow on and off until ~9 tonight.