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Good Morning!

Morning Breakfast…
… with Jennifer

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy 97th birthday Dad! We hope you have a great day there, and the whoopie pies Joyce sent arrive soon if they are not already there.

We have been blessed with a wonderful father and grandfather over all these years, and what an incredible life he has had. So many stories, such a rich and giving life. Here is dad, with a group of other friends and comrades-to-be, getting ready to ship out for basic training in the army in 1943.

Born in Junction City, Ohio, his family moved to nearby Zanesville on Central Ave when he was still very young. He grew up there, just down the street from where our Mom also lived at the time. They met when they were both very young, and have been an important part of each other’s lives since.

After training, Dad became an aircraft mechanic in the Army Air Corps, working on the planes and keeping them flying during the war. That is, he was a mechanic until the day when he walked up to one of the officers and said “I want to fly one of those.” So he was sent to pilot school for training, and became a B-17 pilot. After the war, he continued to fly cargo, VIP transports, up to and including the B-47, which was the first jet power bomber.

Dad in front of his C119 after landing at Cheju Do grass strip.

After Dad retired from the Air Force in 1963, he started a construction business in Zanesville with my uncle. After a short vacation trip to Florida with my mom (where Lori and I stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Lemert), Dad announced we were moving to Florida. We moved to Winter Park, a small suburb of Orlando. One week after we moved there, the local papers announced the mysterious company buying up land south-west of Orlando was Disney.

Dad built a successful construction business in the Orlando area, mostly building homes, but also built a few warehouses, small office buildings, and even a steakhouse restaurant for a national chain. After retiring, Dad and Mom moved to the east coast of Florida, living in beach-front condos, managed communities, and independent suburban to rural homes were they were up until this March.

Dad has had a bit of a rough time lately. After a fall in a Winn-Dixie supermarket in late December, he developed an epidural hematoma. This was successfully drained at Holmes Medical Center in March, and Dad is currently recovering at a rehabilitation center.

Thumbs-up from Dad.

Dad is expected to be released later this week, where he will join Mom at an assisted living center where he will continue his recovery. As soon as all these restrictions are lifted, I’ll be going down to seen them both, giving hugs and kisses from all of us up here.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Family Kids

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Eighteen years ago today Jennifer Joye entered our lives. How short and fast it’s been watching Jennifer grow and mature. Just a few months left of high school, and then it’s off to school for our little pumpkin-bucket.

Closet George shares with two other boys.
Family Nature Weather

Winter Arrives

After the long Thanksgiving weekend here, winter arrived here late Sunday afternoon. Joyce had already taken George back to school, and the snow started falling at 3:40. Snowed heavy all night, and I got up at 4:30 to dig us out. Jenn’s school was closed, so she finished off the shoveling. After I got home from work, I grabbed the shovel and cleared out the Christmas floodlights she wasn’t able to see under the snow during the day.

Winter has arrived.

Family Kids

Happy Birthday George!

19 years ago today George entered our lives. How quickly those years passed. Here’s hoping that you will have a wonderful birthday there today, and you are able to enjoy it with your friends. We’re looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

Happy Birthday George!

Family Kids

Wentworth Freshman Move-In Day

We took George down to Wentworth today for freshman check-in and move-in. Below are a few photographs we took about the day, about the area where George will be living for the next year, and about his room in general.

George and Joyce, ready to move to Wentworth
Check in stations at Wentworth
Unloading lot – park in the empty spaces, use orange rolling bins to load and transfer students stuff.
View of Evan’s Way Park, outside George’s dorm
View of street, dorms on the right.
Traffic was relatively heavy as it was a Friday afternoon.
Main entrance to George’s dorm
Common room in George’s dorm, looking in from the front door.
View out the window of the common room.
Common room, looking towards the front door. One of the parents brought homemade cookies for everyone.
General storage area just off the common room.
Door to George’s room, which he shares with two other boys.
Joyce and Brian. Corey was expected late that evening.
Joyce and Brian. George’s bed is above Joyce, with his desk and study area under the bed.
One of two bathrooms in the suite of 10 boys.
View out George’s room.
Closet George shares with Brian and Corey
George's room. Joyce in the window.
View of George’s room from the outside. Joyce is in the window.
Laundry room in George's dorm.
Laundry room on the ground floor.
George's room (3rd down, wide windows)
George's room.
Joyce and Jennifer waving from the window.
View out George's room.
View looking down.
Laundry room in George's dorm.
Laundry room, dryers and folding table
George getting bed set up.
George getting his bed set up.
George getting Wentworth assigned laptop computer.
Picking up Wentworth assigned laptop PC.
George getting Wentworth PC
George getting Wentworth PC.
Walking outside George's dorm.
Walking to dinner outside George's dorm.
Happy campers.
Happy Campers
Walking from dinner outside George's dorm.
Coming back from (early) dinner at Sweet Cheeks Q
Outside George's dorm.
Evan's Way Park
Evan’s Way Park –
Family Outdoors

Summertime breakfast

Family Outdoors Weather

Short, Cold Days and Long, Cold Nights

Sunrise: 7:10 AM. Sunset 4:11 PM. Still two weeks to go to the first day of winter. Dark when I leave for work in the morning, dark when I get out of work in the evening.

The pond across the street, which has now grown to cover half the street, is frozen solid. Jennifer, George, and two of his friends spent part of yesterday after school ice skating.

Winter is here.

Family Outdoors Weather

And we’re back…

If you’ve been trying to see what we’ve been up to these past few days, you probably got a timeout or web page inaccessible message the past few days.

We lost power in the storm Sunday night / Monday morning, around 2:40 AM. A lot of people in the Merrimack Valley lost power that evening, as we had a storm come through with hard rain and strong winds. There were a few places in the area that clocked gusts in excess of 90 MPH. Lots of trees and branches down. We had a tree come down on Robin Hood, just around the corner from us, pulling down electrical wires and blocking the road. Our generator had been running full time since early Monday morning, so keeping the website up has not been a priority here.

We hosted Anne and Mike last night, as they lost power too, but didn’t have a generator. Joyce skipped major cooking and brought home Market Basket roasted chicken and salad, and made mashed potatoes on the stove.

I got a call from George about 12:30 this afternoon (school was canceled because the buses couldn’t run their regular routes) saying our power was back on. I talked him through the process of switching back to line power, and shutting the generator down. Still lots of people in the area without power, hope they all get power back soon.

Family Weather

Good bye, summertime.

Bundled under a blanket on the couch last night, Joyce gently suggested that perhaps it might be time to turn the heat back on. Summer is gone, leaves are turning, frost sparkles on the morning grass. We finally turned the heat back on last night. Woke this morning to a comfortable house, with the warm smell of the heaters working. Fall is here.