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Good Morning!

Morning Breakfast…
… with Jennifer
Family Kids

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Eighteen years ago today Jennifer Joye entered our lives. How short and fast it’s been watching Jennifer grow and mature. Just a few months left of high school, and then it’s off to school for our little pumpkin-bucket.

Closet George shares with two other boys.
Family Kids

Happy Birthday George!

19 years ago today George entered our lives. How quickly those years passed. Here’s hoping that you will have a wonderful birthday there today, and you are able to enjoy it with your friends. We’re looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

Happy Birthday George!

Family Kids

Wentworth Freshman Move-In Day

We took George down to Wentworth today for freshman check-in and move-in. Below are a few photographs we took about the day, about the area where George will be living for the next year, and about his room in general.

George and Joyce, ready to move to Wentworth
Check in stations at Wentworth
Unloading lot – park in the empty spaces, use orange rolling bins to load and transfer students stuff.
View of Evan’s Way Park, outside George’s dorm
View of street, dorms on the right.
Traffic was relatively heavy as it was a Friday afternoon.
Main entrance to George’s dorm
Common room in George’s dorm, looking in from the front door.
View out the window of the common room.
Common room, looking towards the front door. One of the parents brought homemade cookies for everyone.
General storage area just off the common room.
Door to George’s room, which he shares with two other boys.
Joyce and Brian. Corey was expected late that evening.
Joyce and Brian. George’s bed is above Joyce, with his desk and study area under the bed.
One of two bathrooms in the suite of 10 boys.
View out George’s room.
Closet George shares with Brian and Corey
George's room. Joyce in the window.
View of George’s room from the outside. Joyce is in the window.
Laundry room in George's dorm.
Laundry room on the ground floor.
George's room (3rd down, wide windows)
George's room.
Joyce and Jennifer waving from the window.
View out George's room.
View looking down.
Laundry room in George's dorm.
Laundry room, dryers and folding table
George getting bed set up.
George getting his bed set up.
George getting Wentworth assigned laptop computer.
Picking up Wentworth assigned laptop PC.
George getting Wentworth PC
George getting Wentworth PC.
Walking outside George's dorm.
Walking to dinner outside George's dorm.
Happy campers.
Happy Campers
Walking from dinner outside George's dorm.
Coming back from (early) dinner at Sweet Cheeks Q
Outside George's dorm.
Evan's Way Park
Evan’s Way Park –
Fun Kids

Fuzzy worms for dinner.

It seems George’s friend “estankie27” didn’t quite have the Valentine’s Day he was hoping for. Yes, son, there’s even a card for that…



Shamrock Ball 2013

Last Saturday evening was Tyngsboro’s annual ‘Shamrock Ball’, also known as the Father-Daughter Dance. This yearly event, hosted by the Tyngsboro recreation department, gives the younger (mostly elementary school) girls a chance to dress up, including their first ‘high heels’  and be taken out to a dance.

100_3577 100_3583 100_3586 

As soon as the couples arrived, the girls immediately split off into groups of friends, where they compared who had the biggest heels, nicest dress, nicest hair, and other important details.

100_3589  DSCN0575 100_3592

After settling all the details on who was wearing what and how much work they had to do to prepare for the ‘dance’, the girls were ready to ‘cut loose’.


So did our little princesses dance with their daddies in the cafeteria? Nooo…


Did our little princesses shriek with laughter after making their dads get on stage and lip-sync the Village People’s “YMCA”? Nooo…


Jennifer and Lauren cut out to across the hall in the gymnasium and attacked the climbing wall,


while many of other girls ran up and down the court and played basketball while their fathers stood around with pretty pink purses and looked perplexed. 

DSCN0584 PicStrip

Afterwards, they got to play dress-up (even more!) for the photo-booth. A fun evening was had by all.

Kids Running

Lowell Super 5k

George and I ran our second 5k race today. Weather was a bit on the cold side, but still not too bad for the first weekend in February. Besides running to have fun, George was also running as part of his Boy Scout fitness requirement.


George was a bit nervous at the start, as he had to show an improvement over his last 5k time back on January 1st.  I knew he was going to do fine, as we had been practicing together around the neighborhood and on the basement treadmill since the Lowell 1st Run. (The little boo-boo on his lower left lip is where we learned not to try taking a sweatshirt off over our head while running on the treadmill.)


George did great, taking over five minutes off his previous 5k time (36:57 to 31:28), and afterwards enjoying refreshments, several bowls of pasta, cookies,

 P030213_12.52 photo

and the company of other athletes including fellow TriFurians and Ironman class triathletes Claire Cloutier and Steve Ford (left), and George’s science teacher Ms. Shelagh O’Brien (right).

Kids Running

Lowell 1st Run 2013

Although a cold and windy day, George and I ran our first road race together yesterday. The Lowell 1st Run is a nice 5k New Year’s Day race just up the road in Lowell. George did great, considering the weather, crossing the finish line

George Finishing

and picking up his ‘space blanket’, his finisher’s medal,


and several bowls of pasta.


Kids Triathlon

Lincoln Kids Triathlon

Jennifer did her first, and Georgie his second, triathlon today. The weather was less than ideal, especially for a mid-June. Today was the fourth day of cold and rainy weather in the Boston area. We got up and left the house a little after 6AM after it had been raining hard on and off all night. Driving down to Lincoln, we remarked that the sky seemed to be brightening, but that was only temporary. Another line of heavy rain started, and got heavier as we pulled into the race site at school grounds in Lincoln. We sat in the van, hoping the rain was slow down, but it only grew harder as the lightning and thunder broke around us. After sitting there for almost 20 minutes, the rain slacked off enough for us to dash in so the kids could get their race packets and numbers. Dashing back to the car, we drove over to the parking area, and sat there for another 20 minutes until the rain had almost stopped. By this time, it was quarter after eight, with the race start time listed as 8:30. The kids got their bikes and bags over to the transition area, got set up in their assigned spots, and went to get their timing chips. The rain had ended for the race, but the course was soaking wet, cloudy and cold. Jennifer said she froze on the bike, and grabbed her sweatshirt in T2. They both did great, and we’re very proud of them both.

Update 26 June: The timing company finally published on-line the results, and everyone is able to see how well George and Jennifer did. Here are their times for the ‘tri:

  Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total Rank
George 1:47 3:14 10:01 0:50 2:54 18:43.4 34/157
Jennifer 2:12 3:36 10:58 1:03 3:00 20:47.2 40/157

Cub Scouts Readyman 2011

The boys from the Tyngsboro Webelos I den attended Readyman 2011 yesterday. Readyman covers basic first aid and safety for advanced Cub Scouts, and is an important transition into Boy Scouts. Anay, George, Matthew and Tyler went through a series of workshops covering the Heimlich maneuver, ‘hurry’ first aid, first aid for minor cuts, burns and bites, and the Courage Character Connection. All the boys did excellent, and received a certificate showing they successfully completed the Readyman requirements.