Spring 2011

Spring has finally arrived in Tyngsboro. I know the calendar said spring arrived three weeks ago, but it’s hard to call it spring when the temperatures are still below freezing and the snow banks haven’t budged. We’ve had a few days into the 50’s and 60’s, and the last of the major snow mountains are just about gone.

100_2375 100_2376 100_2377

The last bit of the snow which had buried Chrissie’s car has melted off the driveway, and we can see the forsythias were crushed by all the snow. In addition, the moles have left behind a series of partial tunnels along the surface of the ground, just under the snow pack. We’ll be getting out to rake up the debris soon.

 100_2378 100_2379 100_2380

In the backyard, the icebergs that grew on around the back porch are nearly gone. The chipmunks are back out, and with the snow gone we can see the new tunnels and holes around the yard. We’ve already caught three in the trap we keep just inside the brick tunnel at the end of the downspout.