Kids Triathlon

Lincoln Kids Triathlon

Jennifer did her first, and Georgie his second, triathlon today. The weather was less than ideal, especially for a mid-June. Today was the fourth day of cold and rainy weather in the Boston area. We got up and left the house a little after 6AM after it had been raining hard on and off all night. Driving down to Lincoln, we remarked that the sky seemed to be brightening, but that was only temporary. Another line of heavy rain started, and got heavier as we pulled into the race site at school grounds in Lincoln. We sat in the van, hoping the rain was slow down, but it only grew harder as the lightning and thunder broke around us. After sitting there for almost 20 minutes, the rain slacked off enough for us to dash in so the kids could get their race packets and numbers. Dashing back to the car, we drove over to the parking area, and sat there for another 20 minutes until the rain had almost stopped. By this time, it was quarter after eight, with the race start time listed as 8:30. The kids got their bikes and bags over to the transition area, got set up in their assigned spots, and went to get their timing chips. The rain had ended for the race, but the course was soaking wet, cloudy and cold. Jennifer said she froze on the bike, and grabbed her sweatshirt in T2. They both did great, and we’re very proud of them both.

Update 26 June: The timing company finally published on-line the results, and everyone is able to see how well George and Jennifer did. Here are their times for the ‘tri:

  Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total Rank
George 1:47 3:14 10:01 0:50 2:54 18:43.4 34/157
Jennifer 2:12 3:36 10:58 1:03 3:00 20:47.2 40/157