Blizzard – 8-9 Feb 2013

With the past several days of the local weathermen working themselves into a froth, the big storm they’ve been predicting is starting to arrive. Light flurries greeted me as I left the house this morning at 4:45, and it has been lightly snowing since then. After declaring a state of emergency yesterday afternoon (and thus giving ‘non-emergency’ state employees the day off), the governor just declared that all automobiles were to be off the road by 4PM, with a possible $500 fine or a year in jail according to government outlets.

John closed AAI at noon today, and I got home soon thereafter. Here are a couple pictures looking out our front, I hope to keep everyone updated on the progress of this storm.

100_3521 100_3520

Update 4:52 PM

Snow is continuing, just want to post a couple more pictures before it gets too dark. I’ll post some more if there is enough light, otherwise, check back in the morning.

100_3523 100_3522

Update 11:00 PM

Winds picking up, snow is up to the bottom step on the front porch. Fox25 is reporting 10” in Lowell. Joyce dug out the back porch so she could grill steaks for dinner. Off to bed, pictures in the morning.

Saturday Morning, 9 Feb 7:20 AM

Still snowing, thermometer shows 19F outside. We’ve been watching the squirrels jump around the trees, run down to the snow line, sniff, then run back up into the trees. Plows passed by a couple times last night, but we haven’t heard them in a while. Here are some more pictures.


We’re doing fine, keeping warm and keeping busy indoors. Once the snow stops, we’ll start digging out.

Update 11:30 AM

Looks like the snow has just about stopped. The plows have been by a couple of times, and the sun is starting to come out. We’ll have lunch then tackle digging ourselves out. This is what it looks like now. Note the mailbox, compare to the earlier pictures.

100_3532100_3531   100_3533  100_3537100_3535 100_3539 100_3540100_3541

Update 9:30 PM

Mostly all dug out, with only the snow on the small screened in porch left to clear. Didn’t lose power, no downed trees, with a total of 19.5” in our driveway. Joyce, George and I worked from just after lunch to dusk clearing the front, a path around the house to the large porch, and the large porch before calling it off for the evening. After church tomorrow we’ll get the small porch cleared, along with the bird and critter feeders refilled.

100_3543100_3544100_3545 100_3547 100_3548

Kids Running

Lowell Super 5k

George and I ran our second 5k race today. Weather was a bit on the cold side, but still not too bad for the first weekend in February. Besides running to have fun, George was also running as part of his Boy Scout fitness requirement.


George was a bit nervous at the start, as he had to show an improvement over his last 5k time back on January 1st.  I knew he was going to do fine, as we had been practicing together around the neighborhood and on the basement treadmill since the Lowell 1st Run. (The little boo-boo on his lower left lip is where we learned not to try taking a sweatshirt off over our head while running on the treadmill.)


George did great, taking over five minutes off his previous 5k time (36:57 to 31:28), and afterwards enjoying refreshments, several bowls of pasta, cookies,

 P030213_12.52 photo

and the company of other athletes including fellow TriFurians and Ironman class triathletes Claire Cloutier and Steve Ford (left), and George’s science teacher Ms. Shelagh O’Brien (right).