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Yet More Snow…

We’re certainly making up for last year’s relatively light snowfall. We were expecting no more than 4-6” yesterday, and ended up getting nearly 10”. As I took the day off, I was able to get out early and get the driveway cleaned off. However, I wasn’t able to clear the walk to the formal front door, which no one uses anyway.

  100_3983 100_3985 100_3986 100_3987 100_3989 

We likewise haven’t been keeping the paths dug out in the back yard. Hope spring comes soon.

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And as of 3:00, it’s snowing again, and expected to snow on and off until ~9 tonight.

Fun Kids

Fuzzy worms for dinner.

It seems George’s friend “estankie27” didn’t quite have the Valentine’s Day he was hoping for. Yes, son, there’s even a card for that…