Was riding to work this morning on my bike. I had just crossed into Lowell along Pawtucket Blvd, where the road is relatively wide, with a wide shoulder good for cycling. I must have hit something in the road, or some¬† broken pavement, because my front wheel twisted and I went down on my right shoulder. After getting up, and getting myself brushed off (and thanking the Lowell Police offer who stopped to ask if I was OK), I realized that my right shoulder was sore, and I wasn’t going to make it to work on my bike.

I rode home, and after taking off my reflective vest, jacket and other cool weather gear, I went up and had to wake Joyce. Joyce took one look at my right shoulder, and said “… you’re going to the emergency room.” After checking to ensure the kids knew we were leaving and they were to get themselves ready and out the door for school, off we went.

After x-rays confirming my collarbone was broken, the doctor said no exercise for the next four weeks. Baystate Marathon is out this year. With luck, I will be able to run Tyngsboro Trot and get myself ready for Mill Cities Relay.

The goal for 4,000 miles under my own power for the year is probably out as well. I did make it (to date) to 3,157 miles, perhaps I can add a few miles more after this all heals in November and December.

Norton Stinks

I would use a much stronger word for this, but this is suppose to be a family blog.

We use Norton Antivirus at work. I’ve come to believe that Norton Antivirus uses us. For some reason, Norton will some days decide that it’s going to suck up 100% of the computer for it’s own use.

Screen capture of Windows task manager, showing Norton running ~53,000 page faults / second.
(click to enlarge)

Our computers will nearly grind to a halt, as Norton throws nearly 53,000 page faults a second. It doesn’t make any difference what you are doing, doing it 53,000 times a second doesn’t leave much time for doing anything else.

We’ve been to the Symantec support site, where the Norton people deny that there any problem. Their postings state that page faults aren’t a problem, page faults are perfectly normal, and besides, other programs generate more.¬† Also, you should buy more memory, no matter how much you already have. Translation: we know, we don’t care, and we’re not going to do anything about it.

Welcome to my corner!

Hello, and welcome to my corner of our website. I’ll be posting various things at times, and hope to keep you up to date on goings on around here.

We’re now running our own webserver, based on the kids’ old PC I’ve reconfigured to run FreeBSD unix operating system with an Apache web server and various other options. I hope to get the rest of the functions turned on, yet still secure, so we all can upload the pictures and videos we want to share with you.

Hope to hear from you soon!