Happy Birthday George!

Fourteen years ago today, George Harris Powell came into our lives. Fourteen years of excitement and wonder and watching (and holding our breath), and marveling at the wonderful young man you’re turning out to be.

All Our Love,
Dad and Mom

Family Outdoors

Kite flying with friends

George celebrated his birthday today with his friends. Rather than have a party, George decided he really wanted to invite some of his friends for an afternoon flying kites at the beach. Joyce gathered them all into the van, and off they went. Afterwards, they all came back here for a pasta dinner, cake, ice cream and movies for an evening ‘sleep over’.

George has good friends.

Nature Outdoors Weather

Fall is here … (Part III)

Another beautiful sunny Sunday morning, after a cold and damp Saturday. Colors are nearing peak here, with leaves falling from the trees fast.




Fall is here… (Part II)

Yes, fall is here. Had to turn on the heat this afternoon. It’s only in the mid 40’s outside, and even Joyce was saying it was a bit ‘chilly’ inside for her.

Hello fall, good by $22 gas bills. Hope to see you again next summer.

Nature Outdoors Weather

Fall is here…

A bright, sunny day today, drying out after the dreary, rainy day yesterday. Fall colors are here, but we’re still no where near peak. Just took a meander around the yard and down the street.

Colors should get more intense over the next few weeks. I hope to post a few more galleries before they all fall from the trees.

Computers Software

Upgrades and Downgrades

Gave up on upgrading the Gnome desktop environment, after it appeared to have broke the apache web server and associated components of WordPress. Had to strip out all of Gnome and all the components that appeared to be associated, and then rebuilt the server platform. After a few last glitches, it appears that all is running again. I will have to think about reinstalling any desktop environment.

Many thanks to ‘iceflatline’ ( for his write-up on putting this all together.