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Blizzard 27 Jan 2015

Just about everything is closed today due to the blizzard. The forecasts have us in the 2′-3′ range. We took some pictures yesterday before the snow started, and a few more this morning after we got up. Here is what it looked like before it started.

100_4758 (1280x960)

I made a snowstick yesterday with some PVC pipe, wrapping black tape every three inches so we could read it from the window.

100_4756 (1280x960)

100_4752 (1280x960) 100_4749 (1280x960)

100_4748 (1280x960)

We had about six inches of snow on the ground already, so it’s not like we haven’t already seen snow. Most of the snow on the ground fell last Saturday.

100_4770 (1280x960)

The snow started yesterday evening just after sunset. I took George to his trumpet lessons in a light flurry, and in thirty minutes it had turned to a strong snow. Here’s what we woke up to this morning.

100_4771 (960x1280)

Yesterday, I had moved the firewood away from the edge, hoping to keep the snow off it. I also moved the chairs and other stuff we keep on the small porch hoping to keep the snow off them. The snow has been so fine and light it simply blows through the screens.

100_4767 (1280x960)  100_4766 (1280x960)

If you look carefully, you can just see the mailbox at the end of our driveway. The snowplows made several passes overnight, pushing most of the snow to the center, but some still spills out into our yard and driveway.

100_4774 (1280x960)100_4765 (1280x960) 100_4764 (1280x960)

We’re not quite to 30 inches, so subtracting the six inches we stared with, we’re already knocking on the 2′ range, and the storm is suppose to last the rest of the day and well into the evening. We’ll post some more pictures after we get out and try to clean some up.

Update, 3PM.

Joyce, the kids and I went out late this morning, after it looked like the snow was slowing down a bit. Joyce ran the snow blower, while the kids and I ran the shovels. Joyce had to make three passes down the driveway, with the kids and I pulling snow banks down as the snow was too deep for the snow blower. Fortunately, the snow was light and fluffy, to it wasn’t too heavy to pick up. Being light and fluffy, however, it would blow back in your face if you tried to throw it in the wrong direction.

100_4777 (960x1280) 100_4783 (1280x960) 100_4784 (960x1280) 100_4785 (1280x960) 100_4787 (1280x960) 100_4788 (1280x960) 100_4789 (1280x960) 100_4790 (960x1280) 100_4791 (960x1280) 100_4792 (1280x960) 100_4793 (960x1280) 100_4797 (1280x960)

Family Swimming

Go Jennifer!

Joyce and I finally had a chance to watch Jennifer participate in (almost) a whole swim meet, with the Lowell YMCA Barracudas against the West Roxbury YMCA Gators. We did miss the first few heats, as we went to the West Roxbury YMCA only to discover an empty pool not much larger than small hotel pool. The West Roxbury meet was held at the Hyde Park YMCA, which no one bothered to tell anyone from Lowell. Even the YMCA team bus made a stop at the West Roxbury ‘Y. Thankfully, the Garmin was able to guide us to the Hyde Park ‘Y.

Jennifer did great, even at the 100 yd freestyle which she was dreading. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed watching her.

100_4719 (960x1280) 100_4745 (960x1280) 100_4744 (960x1280) 100_4743 (960x1280) 100_4742 (960x1280) 100_4741 (1280x960) 100_4740 (960x1280) 100_4739 (960x1280) 100_4738 (960x1280) 100_4737 (960x1280) 100_4736 (960x1280) 100_4735 (960x1280) 100_4734 (960x1280) 100_4733 (960x1280) 100_4732 (960x1280) 100_4731 (960x1280) 100_4730 (960x1280) 100_4729 (960x1280) 100_4728 (960x1280) 100_4727 (960x1280) 100_4726 (960x1280) 100_4725 (960x1280) 100_4723 (1280x960) 100_4722 (1280x960) 100_4721 (1280x960) 100_4720 (1280x960)