George Harris Powell – Award Winning Writer

Joyce and I took the day off to take George into Boston today, where he received an award for his writing. George’s submission forĀ ‘Letters about Literature’, a letter he wrote to Orson Scott Card about his book Ender’s Game, was selected as one of the notable entries out of more than 3,000 entries here in Massachusetts. George was invited to attend a ceremony at the State House in Boston, so off we went after Jennifer left for school.

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All dressed up for the occasion.
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DaaaAAAaaad! Turn Off The Flash!

We were seated in the Gardner Auditorium along with the otherĀ students, their parents and teachers. Each student was called up to receive their award, where part of their letter to the author they chose was read to the audience.

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George receiving his award.
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Enjoying the day.












George’s ELA teacher, Mr. Maslanka, also came down for the day to participate in the ceremony.

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George with his ELA teacher, Mr. Maslanka.
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George with his proud parents.








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We had a wonderful time at the state house, and stopped for lunch on the way home.

Update – 26 May

Here are some pictures of the awards George received last week. Sorry it took so long to get them up for you. As with the other images, click on them to see a larger version.

Certificate Cover (1280x990)Cerfiticate (1280x991)Senate Congrats (1007x1280)