Another Weekend, Another Snowfall

The forecast wasn’t too far off. They were warning that we were going to warm up to around freezing, and then get a mix of snow, freezing rain and rain. With the gutters full of ice, and a good amount of snow on the roof, I spent a good part of Saturday digging out around and pulling as much snow off the roof as I could. Although I tried everything possible, I found the only way to get any significant amount of snow off the main roof was to get up on the big ladder.

21-1 Feb 2015

It was actually a lot more comfortable, and stable, than it looks. Joyce was out there with me as a spotter and taking pictures. Using a combination of a plastic snow shovel and the roof rake, I was able to get the majority of the snow cleared off the front part of the house before this weekend’s snow moved in late Saturday afternoon.

Fortunately, the warm-up they were forecasting never quite made it this far north. Temperatures remained in the high 20’s, which although made the snow wet and sticky, never turned to sleet or freezing rain. Sunday morning we woke up to 31F. Another trip outside to clear the walks, porches, paths and driveway. I soon had to take off the cap, gloves and winter jacket, as it was getting (relatively) warm. With the warmer temperature, the ~1″ thick ice that covered the driveway started to crack and split, so a combination of the walkway ice scraper, snow shovel and snow blower gave us back our driveway.

22 Feb 2015Unfortunately, this warm spell is supposed to end this evening, dropping down to 19, and then only warming up to 20 tomorrow. Temperatures will then stay in the low to mid ‘teens until Thursday, when we are scheduled to get some more snow. We’ll be so glad when February is gone.


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