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Well, That’s Interesting…

Over the past few weeks, our webcam has been rebooting at various odd times. I’ve checked it for loose power plugs, but it otherwise seemed fine. Then last Monday, someone tried to post the webcam’s administrator account name and password on our main page. They didn’t leave their name, but IP address goes back to an ISP in Tennessee, most likely somewhere around Kingsport. It seems that I’ve violated my own security rules, in that I left the default accounts on the webcam server. In particular I had left the account with administrator privileges named as ‘admin’. Thank you, ‘Anonymous’, for pointing this out to me.

Interestingly, site logs show visitors from the Russian Federation about the same time ‘Anonymous’ tried to post, along with the (routine) Sogou web spider from China and several odd URL scans from Google. Interesting.

One reply on “Well, That’s Interesting…”

Hello Jay, That is interesting. I will be more careful with I do.
As for knowing someone trying to get into computer they would
have to knock on the front door and ask for my computer.

A little bump in the road for it looks like have a scrape job
before to long. Dr. said ‘so many words’ no big deal.

Will know more after 4 Mar.

Love, Mom and Dad

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