Cold Weather Gear

Over the years, I’ve gradually developed a ‘feel’ for the amount of cycling layers needed depending on the temperature. I’ve recently added another group for cold weather running. Use these as a start, then adjust as needed depending on your sensitivity to the cold and heat generation capabilities.



Above 65 – Cycling jersey, shorts, short gloves, open helmet light socks and shoes.
65 to 60 – As above, add cycling tights.
60 to 55 – As above, subs. long-sleeve jersey for std. jersey.
55 to 50 – As above, add t-shirt under long-sleeve jersey.
50 to 45 – As above, subs long-finger gloves for short gloves, close helmet, light jacket.
45 to 40 – As above, add heavy jacket, light balaclava, light cycling (rain) pants.
40 to 35 – As above, add heavy cycling pants, shoe covers.
35 to 30 – As above, add heavy outer gloves.
30 to 25 – As above, subs heavy balaclava.
25 to 20 – As above, add neoprene face mask under balaclava.
Below 20 – As above, add second layer of shoe covers.



Above 55 – Light running shirt, shorts, open cap/bill.
55 to 50 – Long-sleeve running shirt, shorts, light closed cap/bill.
50 to 45 – Long-sleeve running shirt, shorts, running gloves, heavier cap.
45 to 40 – Heaver running shirt, tights, shorts, running gloves, heavier cap.
40 to 35 – Heaver running shirt, tights, shorts, running gloves, light balaclava and light cap/bill.
35 to 30 – Subs heavier long-finger cycling gloves, polypro long sleeve base.
30 to 25 – Subs heavier balaclava, 2nd long-sleeve running shirt.
25 to 20 – As above, add 2nd pair socks, heavier cap.
20 to 15 – As above, add trishorts and heavier running tights, heavier gloves.
15 to 10 – 2 prs socks, trishorts, heavier running tights, running shell pants, heavier running shirt, long-sleeve running shirt, running shell top w/ hood, heavier balaclava, heavier cap, heavier gloves.

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