Kids Triathlon

Lincoln Kids Triathlon

Jennifer did her first, and Georgie his second, triathlon today. The weather was less than ideal, especially for a mid-June. Today was the fourth day of cold and rainy weather in the Boston area. We got up and left the house a little after 6AM after it had been raining hard on and off all night. Driving down to Lincoln, we remarked that the sky seemed to be brightening, but that was only temporary. Another line of heavy rain started, and got heavier as we pulled into the race site at school grounds in Lincoln. We sat in the van, hoping the rain was slow down, but it only grew harder as the lightning and thunder broke around us. After sitting there for almost 20 minutes, the rain slacked off enough for us to dash in so the kids could get their race packets and numbers. Dashing back to the car, we drove over to the parking area, and sat there for another 20 minutes until the rain had almost stopped. By this time, it was quarter after eight, with the race start time listed as 8:30. The kids got their bikes and bags over to the transition area, got set up in their assigned spots, and went to get their timing chips. The rain had ended for the race, but the course was soaking wet, cloudy and cold. Jennifer said she froze on the bike, and grabbed her sweatshirt in T2. They both did great, and we’re very proud of them both.

Update 26 June: The timing company finally published on-line the results, and everyone is able to see how well George and Jennifer did. Here are their times for the ‘tri:

  Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total Rank
George 1:47 3:14 10:01 0:50 2:54 18:43.4 34/157
Jennifer 2:12 3:36 10:58 1:03 3:00 20:47.2 40/157

Spring 2011

Spring has finally arrived in Tyngsboro. I know the calendar said spring arrived three weeks ago, but it’s hard to call it spring when the temperatures are still below freezing and the snow banks haven’t budged. We’ve had a few days into the 50’s and 60’s, and the last of the major snow mountains are just about gone.

100_2375 100_2376 100_2377

The last bit of the snow which had buried Chrissie’s car has melted off the driveway, and we can see the forsythias were crushed by all the snow. In addition, the moles have left behind a series of partial tunnels along the surface of the ground, just under the snow pack. We’ll be getting out to rake up the debris soon.

 100_2378 100_2379 100_2380

In the backyard, the icebergs that grew on around the back porch are nearly gone. The chipmunks are back out, and with the snow gone we can see the new tunnels and holes around the yard. We’ve already caught three in the trap we keep just inside the brick tunnel at the end of the downspout.


And the hits just keep on coming…

I can’t remember where I first heard that line, but that describes our snowfall this month. We went through most all of November, December and the first part of January with almost no snow. Now, we got almost as much snow in the past few weeks as we typically do all year. Here are a few pictures from the past few days. Note the mailbox, which was almost buried in the Jan 12th ‘nor’easter, and the yellow birdhouse in our front garden.  Joyce has had several rounds digging us out, and digging out the mailbox so we can continue to get the paper and mail. The kids have been helping out as you can see.

The forecast is for more flurries tonight, another snowstorm the middle of next week followed by high temperatures in the ‘teens. Spring can’t come too soon.


Cub Scouts Readyman 2011

The boys from the Tyngsboro Webelos I den attended Readyman 2011 yesterday. Readyman covers basic first aid and safety for advanced Cub Scouts, and is an important transition into Boy Scouts. Anay, George, Matthew and Tyler went through a series of workshops covering the Heimlich maneuver, ‘hurry’ first aid, first aid for minor cuts, burns and bites, and the Courage Character Connection. All the boys did excellent, and received a certificate showing they successfully completed the Readyman requirements.


The Cleanup

Just finished digging out. Joyce, the kids and I all spent most of the afternoon into early evening digging and pushing and blowing everything off the porch, drive and walkways. It’s still snowing on and off lightly, but it is not expected to accumulate.


First Snowstorm of the Year

Went to bed last night after listening to the news about the coming snowstorm. John sent us an e-mail last night just before 11:00 canceling opening of work until at least 1PM, and said he would update us around 11:00. Woke up to this just before 7 (note the mailbox by the road). Weather radar looks like it will snow for another four hours or so.

7AM view from the front door

12:00 Update

Weather radar shows the storm to be moving out, although the NWS has extended the blizzard warning until 8PM. Snow plows have been by several times, leaving a nice wall of snow at the end of our driveway. We’ll start digging out after lunch.

12 Noon view from the porch

Note our mailbox. Good chance we’ll not get mail today.

Our Mailbox

Hope you’re keeping warm and dry where ever you are.


Happy New Year!

We had a great New Years Day here. After a quiet morning with New Years Bread (no one got the coin), I ran the Lowell 1st 10K Run. Like last year, it was a clear and sunny day. Unlike last year, the temperature was in the low 50’s. I started out expecting colder temperatures, and dumped the running tights and gloves just before the start of the race. I took off my hat half-way through, and wished I had also dumped the long-sleeve base shirt as well. Saw a lot of people suffering under too many layers.


I took just over seven minutes off my 2009 time, and saw quite a few other TriFury people at the race as well.


Merry Christmas!!


We hope everyone had as wonderful Christmas as we did here.


Joyce baked batches and batches of wonderful cookies, of which everyone enjoyed.

100_2150 100_2149

The morning was filled with happy kids, and the afternoon filled with family and friends from near and far.

We hope your holidays were as wonderful.



Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends, and have as much to be thankful for as do we. We were fortunate to host a good number of our relatives and friends Thursday. Joyce cooked and cleaned like crazy starting Tuesday evening, most all of Wednesday up to after 11 PM, and then was up again at 4 to put the bird in the oven.

With so much to do and so many coming to visit, I of course left early Thanksgiving morning to run the annual Feaster Five run in North Andover. I meet our cousin Michael at the starting line, and tried to locate cousins Chris and Kristin with no luck. It was a wonderful morning for the run, clear, sunny and not too cold. After the run, Mike and I both departed quickly to get back home. Although Joyce was under a lot of pressure and scrambling to get everything ready for the afternoon dinner, she was delighted to see me and hear that the run went well. That, and the roses helped too.

As we enter the holiday season, we wish you all health, happiness and the best of times with your family and friends.

Computers Software

Testing, Testing, Testing…

Slowly getting the new hard drive configured with the software we want and need, without all the clutter from extra programs loaded by the local shop. Also testing out Live Writer for keeping everyone up to date on what we are doing here.

Here are some pictures taken from the Webelos Craftsman Activity meeting last Thursday. They were taken with my cell phone camera (Thanks Chrissie!), and as you can see, they boys are all typical 9-10 year olds who will not hold still for a picture. Everyone had a good time.