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Site Being Moved

I'm now hosting this blog/website through NeoCities, a modern ressurection of GeoCities. It's also under a different name – GeorgieScript (georgie.js). This is not an actual javascript tool, it's just the name of my website.

In the future, visiting this page will automatically forward you to the neocities website.

The end version will be pretty much a better copy of this website at



I've been up to quite a bit recently.

  1. I've discovered SonicPi, a tool that comes preinstalled on the Raspberry Pi which allows you to compose music using programming.
  2. I've written and edited some ambient background-style music WITH SonicPi that can be PLAYED on the INTERNET.
  3. I've started a final incremental game, where I can put together all the things I've learned about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  4. Here's the first piece I wrote:

    And the second:

    More posts to come.


Graphics Attempt #1

I have nothing to say.

graphic design is my passion

I'm the new van Gogh guys


Clock Project – Update

I'm no longer using CSS3 to design the clock. Instead, I started with something a bit more basic and just made a normal clock.

I used an online tutorial (what a surprise) for the whole math part of it, because changing the clock hands around the sphere requires trigonometry and I don't know trigonometry. After what I saw I'm not sure I want to.

End result- a decent-looking clock.


Life Rant

It was only four days ago when I published the first blog post here. Rewind seven years, when my dad sat down next to my computer and began to walk me through the basics (no pun intended) of computer programming.

It's at times like these when the outcome of someone's life- around 95 long years - can be decided in an event that takes around a half an hour.

In this case, that event was my dad and Small Basic. To this day I don't remember any of it, excepting a few basic rules and flows. But the fascination captured in my memory will be there for my entire life.

It's like an exponential equation. eventx = lifetime. Exponents are cool. Getting off topic here. Okay.

Eventually, I took a course on CodeCademy on HTML, and since I had no knowlege of CSS or Javascript, I really tried to make webpages look good with bare-bone HTML. It was a good effort.

Before today, I liked programming, but didn't see myself going anywhere with it because there were no classes in school about it. It would take me years and years to learn anything from just online tutorials.

Fast forward to now, where yesterday I applied to a vocational school where every other week, I'll be taking programming and web development classes for six hours a day. I'm so excited I literally can't sleep.

The scary part is - I've already completed my first year of high school. And I'll be moving from my class of 112 to a class of 400, with completely new people and schedules.

I'm going from knowing every single person to knowing absolutely nobody.

Not to mention there's no band program.

But, it's for the better. I've always known that I naturally do better at things I am interested in/passionate/excited about. And programming is definitely one of those things.

I'm not quite sure where I was going with this post, but, in conclusion, looks like my programming career is definitely not ending here. Thank you for reading.


Javascript Clock Project

A while ago, I was thinking about time, which is a pretty big subject. Then, I started thinking of how humans keep track of time, and how the invention of the analog clock was a compact and efficient way to tell the time. And before that, calendars. And before that, seasons.

Somewhere in the mess of my daydream, I kept thinking about how inconvienient it was to have to check the clock and calendar for the time and date, respectively. So, I decided I would try and create a new kind of time-keeping device, like a clock and calendar combined. I could do that with JavaScript!

I've made a few basic sketches and notes on what it needs to do, what it needs to look like, and so on. I've decided the first design will be a circle with smaller rings inside of it, each ring displaying another unit of time. The inner circle will simply display what day it is (number). Starting from the outer ring, seconds, then minutes, then hours (24.)

The code is another deal. I'll be using HTML5 Canvas, which I have practically no experience in. I know I need to use the Date() function, along with object.getSeconds, object.getMinutes, object.getHours, and probably .getDay or .getDays or something like that. For seconds and minutes, I need to take the current second/minute and make it into a percentage, then into a fraction, out of 360. (I'm still a bit confused on how to get the math to work, but the end result needs to be out of 360.) That value will be used to fill in the clock. I need to do the same thing for hours, except since there's only 24 hours that will change a bit.

Days will be more difficult for me, because the number of days differ each month. I don't know how I'll do that.
Also, I need to include the timezone and month in there somewhere. More posts to come.


Hello, Everyone... Anyone?

This is a blog created to track my learning of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Of course, there are many more languages involved with website creation, but I don't know of any others in detail. As I write this, the aforementioned languages are the only ones I know. Hopefully, as time goes on, my skills will improve and my knowledge will extend. Maybe someday I'll make a living from it.

On another note, I have no idea if anyone will read this. Maybe some people will check here and there, but I doubt anyone will ever check consistently. I wondered when/on what occasion I would plan on posting, and my ending though is "Whenever I feel like it." Maybe when I learn how, I'll add a comment section. Who knows?

Side note: My friend Patrick was so amazed that I knew how to make this kind of stuff, so I may post tutorials or something. Again, who knows?